Android Tablets: Missing the Point

This year is supposed to be the year of the tablets. A market has actually developed with multiple competitors and lots of different price points, from the sub $100 range, all the way up past the $1000 range. Android was also supposed to make a big push toward dethroning Apple from its seat as the tablet king which it justly deserves due to its extremely well build and designed iPad range of products.

So, why am I writing this? I believe that Android should not try to steal the high end market from Apple. The iPad, just like the iPod before it, is a premium product, at a premium price. That’s all well and good and the rest of the manufacturers should go after the rest of the market. You know, the majority of the market, which cannot afford to drop $500 or $600 or even $1000 on a tablet device. A tablet is a supplementary computing device. It can replace your notepad, maybe your e-mail app, but it cannot replace your entire computer and to think so is pure folly.

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