Windows 8: A New Concept From Microsoft?

Those of you who read my articles regularly know that I like to use hyperbole and humor to draw attention to the ridiculous amouns of hyperbole used by the more mainstream media to highlight their points.  This bring us to the title of this article: A New Concept From Microsoft?

Now, I have been guilty of over the years accusing Microsoft of being stale in their UI design, in their feature sets and in how they approach innovation.  However, over the last year or two I must have had someone slip me some of that extra special Microsoft kool-aid, because I get it.  The appoarch is one of well architected systems that for the most part interact with one another quite smoothly.  I will not claim that they are the first people to come up with this idea, after all, the first time I saw someone plug a printer into a iMac (circa 2000) and have it just work I was shocked and amazed.  The trick Microsft has up their sleeve is a slow and steady approach that I think will yield some great results in the long run.

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