Leadership and its Glue

I am not a person who banks on the intangibles.  I am more of numbers, statistics, specifications and quantitative results kind of guy.  However, after seeing the streak that Tim Tebow’s unorthodox style of play has the Denver Broncos on, I cannot help but wonder.  What value does leadership really have?  And, more importantly, are we as a society devaluing the intangibles to our own detriment?

The example of Tim Tebow and the Broncos might be a little too narrow minded.  After all, football is a very intangible sort of game.  The narrow victory margins ensure that every year there is some player, some team or in some case even some division that is far too far over in the wins column than in should be.  Some call this luck, others call it fate or destiny, but the fact remains that drawing some sort of scientific conclusion from half a dozen wins in a row might not be the wisest of moves.  What we can however look at is the way in which the team in question has won the vast majority of its half dozen improbable winning games.

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