Vendor Client Story

A coworker showed me this video and it brought a huge smile to my face. Then, I started thinking about it and I realized that it is so funny because of how true it is.

So, let’s think about this, we all want a great deal on whatever it is that we are buying and we also all want to be compensated for our work in a reasonable manner. Why is it that as customers we have gained this sense of entitlement? Why do we now believe that we deserve special treatment? More importantly, does it actually benefit you to receive special treatment?

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Cowboys Lose, Romo Plays Great

Yeah, when was the last time we could say that? After a mediocre first half and a questionable lateral to give the Redskins a touchdown in the final seconds of the first half, Romo rallies to redeem himself.

He was very accurate throughout the game and in the final 2 minutes marched the Cowboys down the field and passed for a touchdown to Roy Williams with the clock running out to tie the game and give the Cowboys the point after chance to win. Oh, wait Alex Barron decided that what the Redskins needs was a firm hug and with that the touchdown was taken off the board and the game ended 13-7 Redskins win.

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Awesome Instructions


I saw this picture on Engadget and it really put a smile on my face. It is from the PlayStation Move instructions and I happen to disagree, if you can take out a lamp and punch your friend in the face in one circular motion, then you are doing it right.

Profits for Oil Companies Soar: American People Complain

Exxon’s profits soared by 91% this past quarter. I would say that’s good news, a major corporation that is making money means more money to go toward new jobs, bigger bonuses for the managers which should make them work harder to make the profits even higher next time. Overall, everybody wins.

Well, the average person doesn’t seem to think so as I was going through comments on this story. The amount of complaining about tax loops used and the structure of ExxonMobil so that they don’t pay too much taxes reached an epic proportion. And the worst part about the complaining was that no one stopped to think of the bigger picture.

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Furloughs, Necessary Evil or Something We Should Strive For

We have all heard of furloughs being imposed upon state workers in California, Illinois and a few other places around the country. Most people I have talked to seem to think that this is a bad thing.

I will agree that for people barely making ends meet, getting 2 or 3 days’ pay cut out of each month could be disastrous. However, I should think that a 10-15% margin of error on income should be present in everyone’s budget. So, those people should look at their lifestyles and see where they can make cuts.

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Unemployment Benefits: Do we step in front of the boulder?

OK, let me break it down. So let’s say you used to make $1000 a week and you lost your job and now have unemployment which pays you $500 a week (round numbers). It sucks because your income has now been halved and your lifestyle has taken a turn for the depressing.So you look for a job. There are jobs out there ($300 a week jobs), that is a fact.

Another fact is that the jobs that are available are generally not desirable (again, less than the unemployment), but when push comes to shove anyone will say: Do you want fries with that? (And take the $300 and be happy for it) But you don’t want to flip burgers or walk around and help sell CD Players and big screen TVs, you want to do the job you trained to do and did so well until this whole economic bubble burst. Continue reading Unemployment Benefits: Do we step in front of the boulder?

A Short Rant Against Racism

I say we should have a nice big race war and winner takes all. No takers? No? Really? Well, then how about we all shut the fuck up and try to get along. Stop acting like children. He’s a different skin color, she’s got boobs. Racism, sexism, frankly any -ism is just the stupidity of our brains not being able to cope with the sheer scale of humanity. We look at 6 billion people and our brains just explode, so we try to simplify and categorize, that’s how we are all wired.

The only -ism I can go for is demographic-ism. Do you live in the ghetto? Are you between the age of X and Y? Do you wear only certain colors most days of the week? Do you speak in a certain vernacular? If you answered yes to all of these, you are probably a gang banger based on recorded statistics, whether you be white, black, brown, vermillion or even a nice chartreuse (serious, if you you are drunk, poisoned and suffer from jaundice, you can turn some funny colors).

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Sh*t My Kids Ruined

I am a firm believer in personal choice. Choice is what defines humans as the ability to deal with the consequences of our choices are the most defining moments in our existence. Due to the miracle of modern medicine and our society, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are all choices that we as individuals can make; independently even.

So, for those of you who have chosen to embark on the quest of parenting, good luck and here’s a site that should give you and the rest of us something to chuckle about. Kids not only say, but also do the darnest things and generally contribute to early onset of high blood pressure in their parents.

If you are feeling down and need a smile, check out

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Launcher Pro for Android Review

If you have a Snapdragon based Android phone and have always wondered why, if it Linux based, you could not customize the behavior of the home screen and app dock, then I have an answer for you.

Launcher Pro is a free Android app that allows a different launcher and app dock to be used instead of the one that comes with Android 2.2 Froyo.
Launcher Pro allows for up to 7 screens on the home screen. This can be changed to 5, 3, 1 and also even numbers if you wish. This gives you the option to have as few or as many as you need.

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Android 2.2 (Froyo) Official Features List

The mobile OS space has recently been flooded with a bevy of new devices and platforms. Just a few years ago, if you wanted a smartphone, you basically had to get a WinMo phone or skip a bunch of smartphone features and go with a Blackberry. These days you have Windows Phone 7, Kin, WebOS, Blackberry, Android and, isn’t there one more? Oh yeah, the giant pink elephant in the room, the iPhone.

In terms of usability by average users, specifically those people who don’t like to spend most of their free time on forums trying to get their phones to do cool new things, the iPhone was king. It was and remains the best designed device on the market. It is also painfully easy to use (I have seen people who have trouble with Outlook do some amazing things with their iPhone). Unfortunately, it also is an Apple device, with all that being an Apple device entails. Like the Ford Model T, you can get it in any shape, color, size and price you want, as long as those all happen to be the ones that Apple thinks are best. Continue reading Android 2.2 (Froyo) Official Features List