A Short Rant Against Racism

I say we should have a nice big race war and winner takes all. No takers? No? Really? Well, then how about we all shut the fuck up and try to get along. Stop acting like children. He’s a different skin color, she’s got boobs. Racism, sexism, frankly any -ism is just the stupidity of our brains not being able to cope with the sheer scale of humanity. We look at 6 billion people and our brains just explode, so we try to simplify and categorize, that’s how we are all wired.

The only -ism I can go for is demographic-ism. Do you live in the ghetto? Are you between the age of X and Y? Do you wear only certain colors most days of the week? Do you speak in a certain vernacular? If you answered yes to all of these, you are probably a gang banger based on recorded statistics, whether you be white, black, brown, vermillion or even a nice chartreuse (serious, if you you are drunk, poisoned and suffer from jaundice, you can turn some funny colors).

And here’s another thing, I am all for equality. And since we white men (disclaimer: I am a white guy) treat each other like shit and have done so for centuries (case in point: most major wars of the last century), you are all welcome to take part in the same shitty treatment. There’s always room for one more person to abuse.

What pisses me off is when people claim racist or sexism and it isn’t. Women get offended when guys make lude jokes around them and talk about their sexual conquests. Hey, guess what, the guys were doing that long before you came along, you wanted to join the club, now you know you are in. If they weren’t accepting, they would wait until you walked away before telling their jokes and stories.

Or, how about some minority guy who joins a white frat and then complains about hazing. Guess what bucko, the white guys were doing terrible things to each other throughout the long and august history of that frat, quit your bitching and keep scrubbing, the slut’s puke isn’t going to wipe itself off the bathroom ceiling.

All I am saying is that the world is a rude place and we need to toughen up if we are going to live in it.

Also, if you were offended by some or all of that rant, good. If you’re going to complain it, too bad. Complaining is not going to fix whatever you think is wrong with the world. Only two things can do that. First, forcing everyone to behave. OK, back to reality. The only real way to fix the issues you see is to not perpetuate them. If you are being discriminated against, don’t turn around and do it to someone else.